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Karahantepe (Karahan Tepe) is located on a high hill in the Tek Tek Mountains, 50 km from the city center of Şanlıurfa. Karahantepe is one of the settlements with similar characteristics around the Harran Plain, just like Göbeklitepe. These places were in close proximity to each other and could see each other in the open air. Also, the prehistoric environment was not as barren as it is today, and many game animals lived in the area. The most prominent remains of these settlements are the large, circular structures with T-shaped columns fixed to the ground in that area.

These monumental structures were not residences. They were built for a special purpose and were most likely used for ceremonies. Various animal reliefs were made on the surfaces of the obelisks that symbolized people. Others may be decorated with scenes that tell mythological stories. Another feature of these structures is that they were buried after their functions were completed. All these practices are unique to the Şanlıurfa region and distinguish the region from other contemporary places in the Near East.