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Bronze Age settlement on the island of Melos in the southern Aegean. The site was important because of the exploitation of the source of obsidian on the island. There were three successive cities of the Early, Middle, and Late Cycladic - the third with ties to Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece. Excavations have provided one of the main sources of information about the Cycladic Bronze Age. The Early Cycladic Grotta-Pelos culture was followed by the Middle Cycladic town of c 2000 BC. That town was destroyed in the 18th century BC, but was rebuilt and flourished again, coming increasingly under Minoan influence until the collapse of Minoan power in the mid-15th century BC. Subsequently mainland Mycenaean influence dominated Phylakopi. The administrative center seems to have been a megaron; a Mycenaean cult center has also been found.