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A type of multicolored glass and the technique which creates it - literally meaning 'a thousand flowers'. One millefiore method is to take a cane of glass, encase it with several layers of glass of different colors, and then heat the whole and roll it on a corrugated surface, thus compressing the colors at certain points and producing a rod with a flowerlike section. Small slices can be cut off this rod and inlaid into the object to be decorated. Another method is to lay thin glass rods of different colors into a pattern, fuse them together, draw them out, and cut in slices in the same way. The effect is mosaic. The technique was developed by Anglo-Saxon glass- and metal-workers. Some of the finest examples of the millefiore technique can be seen adorning the Sutton Hoo discoveries - the brilliant reds and blues on the purse lid and shoulder clasps.