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An Egyptian royal necropolis, a group of five pyramids making up the southern end of the Memphite necropolis, the nucleus of which is Saqqara (Saqqarah) on the west bank of the Nile. The most prominent of the surviving monuments at Dahshur are the two pyramids of the first 4th Dynasty pharaoh, Snefru (reigned 2575-2551 BC), of the Old Kingdom. The earliest is called either the Blunted, Bent, False, or Rhomboidal Pyramid and it represents the first attempt to build a true pyramid. It is the only Old Kingdom pyramid with two entrances. The second of Snefru's pyramids at Dahshur is called the North Stone Pyramid. Other major monuments are of Amenemhat II, Senwosret III, and Amenemhat III of the Middle Kingdom's 12th dynasty (1938-1756 BC) and they are not as well-preserved. The subsidiary tombs of Princess Khnemet and Princess Iti near Amenemhat II's pyramid yielded the Dahshur Treasure of jewelry and other personal items.