Creswell Crags

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The type site of the Creswellian culture, a gorge about 1500 feet long near Creswell, England, which has caves that have yielded one of the most important British series of extinct vertebrate remains, accompanied by implements of Paleolithic hunters. The Creswellian culture is regarded as a variant of the Magdalenian culture of southwestern France and occurred during the final stages of the Würm glaciation. Finds include flint tools of Mousterian, 'proto-Solutrean', Creswellian, and Mesolithic types, as well as harpoons and a bone fragment with an engraved horse's head in Late Magdalenian style. Mammal remains include reindeer, woolly rhinoceros, mammoth, and wild horse. The Creswellian culture never used the stone ax but their tools were Gravettian-type of blunted-back blades showing development in manufacture over a long period. Creswell Crags was first excavated in 1875.