The message to the Seven Churches is not only for 1st century Christians but also for the Church today.
This one-week program is the most comprehensive meeting and visitation of the Seven Churches of Revelation ever organized.

Global Smyrna Meeting on the Seven Churches of Revelation - June 20-26, 2021 - aims to promote the Seven Churches of Revelation to the Global Church. World-class scholars and Christian ministers will share their wisdom at a level accessible to students, and church members alike. 

The one week meeting program includes 1 and 1/2 day lectures and 3 1/2 day sightseeing.

Jun 20 Sun    Arrive Izmir
Jun 21 Mon   Opening Ceremony - Smyrna Agora & Bayrakli (Old Smyrna)
Jun 22 Tue    Pergamum & Thyatira Tour
Jun 23 Wed   All Day Sessions
Jun 24 Thu    Sardis – Philadelphia – Laodicea
Jun 25 Fri      Ephesus
Jun 26 Sat     Departures