Bäile Herculane

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A large cave site with an important Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age stratigraphy, located in a side valley 10 km north of the Iron Gates gorge of the river Danube in the Rumanian Banat. The long stratigraphy comprises three main occupation horizons: I, Upper Palaeolithic levels corresponding to the Würm II phase and defined by a quartzite industry with a lot of end scrapers; II, a thin late Mesolithic level with microlithic flints and crude quartzite tools and Danube fish bones. This is separated by a 60-cm deposit containing Neolithic stray finds (VinCa and Tisza pottery) from III, at least six levels of Late Copper Age occupation, with Salcüta IV levels stratified below a long Cotofeni sequence.

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